Saturday, May 13, 2006

This boy is going to kill me...

This is Talon at his I HAD to snap these pictures after his little escapade with the marker. In my defense, his Daddy left the marker out...I am just the one that wasn't watching him well enough. ;) Oh, and YES he drew on the couch, the wall, himself and ruined two pillows.

This picture also shows where he shaved his head.

I am a bad mother. lol

Yes, he is so proud of himself! lol!


lauren teather said...

Oh my gosh Michelle... this is so funny!! I saw your post @ 2peas! My daughter did similar damage, only add to it coloring your sleeping sister!! And I wanted to let you know that rubbing alcohol will get it off the walls and out of carpet... you could try it on your pillows??? worth a try, better than throwing them out!

Ugh.... good luck with that. DARN those sharpies!! Love them, but ohhhhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! LOL! What a mess!! I wanted to tell you that you might have some success getting it off the walls and possibly the couch?? with Magic Eraser...thing is awesome!! Good luck!

Janna said...

What a cutie!!

Use Oxiclean to get it off of your carpet. It got BLACK SHARPIE out of my front room carpet!

BTW- Love your new mini kits on SBB! I snatched them right up!

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