Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lookie here..I am on a roll!! lol!

New to A Cherry on Top...

New! He's got personality $6.00, 8% Off!(Reg. $6.50)
7 great papers, and a layered Quickpage in 12x12. You will also get lots of other goodies to help showcase those photos of your little price (or princess). You will get arrow stamps, journal stamp, journal card, measuring tape, phrase, frame, alphabet, numbers and corners!

I cranked this one out in record time. Woo hoo! Never mind that the baby spread mustard all over the living room carpet.....the hall, and the boys' room. Thank God for the mean green machine! lol! At least it wasn't the permanent marker today. Last week he not only colored himself, but the new couch too. Funny how they say that the couch is COMPLETELY stain resistant....there is nothing that a baby wipe can't wipe off. Well, that's the couch for us, right? WRONG. Apparently MUSTARD and PERMANENT MARKERS do not come out of the couch. (No matter how much you cuss)

I just pray that he grows out of this phase. ;)


Bree said...

Love the kit, Michelle!!

I had to laugh about the stain resistant remark. I do an awful lot of swearing at things thinking it will help...rarely it does. But it sure makes ME feel better! LOL!

Misty said...

you CERTAINLY are on a roll and I LOOOVE it..hehe This new kit is SOOOO me.. perfect!!!

I'm with ya on the stains too...I go through my weight in magic erasers..and that's a lot..hehe

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this and brushes too - woo hoo!!!! And by the way, thank you for always including a quick page with your kits. They are always an inspiration and great for those "lazy days."

Oh yeah, cranberry juice and a chenille couch dont mix too well either...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first let me say, I'm a HUGE fan...love the kits, have almost all of them:)

And...in reading through your fabulous blog...I'm now in STITCHES!! I have 2 1/2 year old twin boys...and believe me, I have been there with mustard, permanent marker *AND* poop being wiped on the floor!!

Hope you bring us more laughter, and as always, great kits:)


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