Monday, October 29, 2012

Posy Lane Personalized Gifts Review


Personalized gifts for women kids and men! Products from spa wraps to nap mats to back packs!


Take a look at some of these great personalized gifts!

Cutting boards-

 Car tags-


 Nap mats-

Phone cases-

 Ipad cases-


 Towel wraps-

 There's something for every one here! You could potentially start and finish your Christmas list here!

I think that I am going to mark several off my list at this shop!


I got to review one of the personalized shower wraps !

There are tons to choose from. I like to use mine after I shower while I do my hair and fix my makeup. It's lightweight, it's adorable!

Here's a picture of mine--

  I have washed it several times and it shows no signs of wear. I hang it on the back of my bathroom door and it's ready for me to use. I don't have to worry about staining up my clothes with makeup, this beautiful towel wrap comes totally clean every time!

When it's swimming season again, this wrap will come in handy! I think it will be great for sitting around the pool!


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