Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You dirty dog! **PET HEAD REVIEW**

Mollie is one stinky dog. Add Miles to the mix and this place smells like Fritos overload. How do people keep their dogs smelling nice? I am always amazed when I go to people's houses and their dogs AREN'T stinky. What have I been doing wrong? I give my dogs a bath every couple of weeks and wipe them down in between baths. They still stink. lol.

Enter Pet head. I can't believe I haven't tried this stuff before! It's a miracle....a miracle, I tell you!
First, I love the packaging. lol. Too cute! AND did you know that ONLY cool dogs can use Pet Head? It's true! It says so right on the packaging!

We got to try out the "Dirty Talk" Deodorizing shampoo and "Dry Clean" waterless spray shampoo.
I LOVE the shampoo and spray! I have sweet smelling dogs now! Mollie is super sensitive to shampoo and sprays and neither of these products bother her! 

The "Dry Clean" waterless spray shampoo is the greatest thing EVER for making stinky dogs smell good in an instant! It smells like Blueberry muffins! I spray the dogs every few days and they smell SO good! It also makes them shiny!

Mollie and Miles give these products a Paws up! If you haven't tried the Pet Head products, I seriously recommend that you do.Check out their accessories too!

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