Sunday, December 26, 2010

This post is for the dogs...

Seriously. lol.

More specifically, shelter dogs. How many of you have visited Petfinder? It's a fabulous website to find your next Best Friend.

Petfinder makes it super easy to find pets that need homes in your area. They even list Purebred dogs. I happen to like the mutts just as well. lol You can search for dogs within 100 miles of your home, even the sex and size!!! It's great! You can try it on this little widget here.

 This is Bogart. He is a Boston terrier and only 45 minutes away from my home. (Be still my heart). It breaks my heart that this little guy is looking for his forever home. If it weren't for my husband, I would have another Boston terrier
I know that Miles did come from a breeder, but we would have loved to have rescued one. We wanted a red/chocolate Boston terrier and just could not find one at a rescue. We tried. However, Mollie was "rescued". Someone on Craigslist didn't want her anymore and now she our baby.

Update on Miles--

He is 5 months old (on December 22nd). I am glad that we ended up getting an older puppy.
I just got his pedigree in. I looked it up online and found several generations of his "family". How neat is that? I may post it later on. I would love to see if anyone out there has any of his "relatives". lol. I am officially insane (according to my husband).

Is he good looking or what? He is getting the hang of potty training and now he can make it up and down steps! He could go up, but the stinker was too scared to go down. He would stand at the top of the stairs (literally two steps) and cry and bark until I would get him.

He is just now getting a personality. Mollie hasn't warmed up to him just yet. She is taking his toys and hiding them (lol..I am sorry, but it's so funny to watch her being so jealous!) I think she will get over it soon.

Word of advice for those thinking of getting a puppy. Listen carefully-

DO NOT get a puppy if you are under the assumption that your kids will help you take care of the dog. You will only set yourself up for disappointment. If you get a puppy, just assume that you will do the majority of care.......that way if your kids do step up and help out, it will be a totally unexpected bonus. ( I may be speaking from experience, and I may be bitter...just sayin)

Stay tuned for more giveaways and some treat recipes!

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