Saturday, July 31, 2010

**CLOSED**Farm dog Giveaway!

Farm Dog Naturals creates simple effective products that you can trust for your dog, yourself and the planet.


* All of our products are 100% vegan.

* Each product is made by hand in small batches.

* The herbs for our biscuits are produced at Sage Hill Farms, a
local sustainable herb farm located in Petersburg, Tennessee.

* 98% of all our ingredients are sourced from small USA farms.

* The minimal ingredients that we must purchase over seas are
organic, fair-trade, and sustainable for the communities they
are produced in. We do not purchase ingredients from China.

* Farm dog uses minimal packaging sourced within the United
States. The materials we have chosen are made with as much
recycled content as possible. All can be recycled,
composted, or reused.

* We donate 2% of every sale to A local charity
that plants trees here in the state of Tennessee


I love the products that Farm dog provide as well as their commitment to stay local and stay vegan as well as eco-friendly. You should visit their website and read more about them. They really do care about what they do and how they do it.

Please remember that they donate 2% of each sale to, A local charity
that plants trees here in the state of Tennessee.

Miss Mollie was sent the Salvation salve. Originally I thought it would be best to try one of their candles. (Hey, it removes doggie orders...that rocks my socks.), but as I spoke with the owner of Farm Dog and she learned of Mollie's bad skin...she told me she would send me the salve. She also gave me lots of helpful tips to help Mollie with her itchies. She really does know her stuff, and I felt as if she really wanted to help me (and Mollie).

The salve is a Godsend. I have been putting it on Mollie's hot spots and there's a dramatic change in her skin. It feels good on your hands when you put it on your puppy, and I feel great that I don't have any nasty chemicals on me or Mollie. A bonus is that it does not have an overwhelming smell.
It soothes her red, itchy skin and has allowed it time to heal. She went outside today and rolled around in the grass and came in itching again. I grabbed the salve and rubbed it on and she was fine! No more itchies!
This really is a MUST HAVE if you have a dog that has skin issues. It really feels like something I would put on my own skin. lol. Finally there's something that works for Mollie!!!! YAY!

Here's what Rita said about the salve when we were discussing it--
I would like to do a Salvation Salve to start because it is so wonderful for dogs. It will smooth a crusty nose in 4 days! It is also great for human eczema...amazing really. Salvation will calm yeast in the folds of dogs and a must for anyone with dogs like us. Wrinkles! Great for paw pads, dry skin and healing scrapes and such.

One winner gets your own jar of Salvation Salve for your Dog.

**ENDS AUGUST 13th midnight**

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