Saturday, November 24, 2007

Retail therapy..

So, the kids and I have been sick for what seems like, I thought I would buy myself a little something pink! Lookie at what I bought online today at Victoria's secret...

What totally rocked about this is that I got those jammies, a pair of pink slippers for me, a pair of pink slippers for my sister, and some lip gloss.......ALL FOR UNDER $35.00. I am not kidding. I love bargains! YAY!

Here are the codes that I got from The bargain shopper.. (COPIED THIS FROM THE SITE)

The Victoria’s Secret PJ Deal!

I was just playing around with the VS codes and you are the FIRST to find out about this deal! You can get Flannel PJ’s, two pair of slippers and a lip gloss for around $29 shipped!

Put a pair of flannel pj’s in your cart, add two pair of slippers then go to checkout. Add these codes
FA78497, FA79601, PJSLIPPER, and $5 off code FA78137

(Or one of these $10 off codes if you have a VS credit card SP77753, FA77633)


michellewaite1 said...

cute pajamas. I was just saying, I need to visit them during the big sale in January.

moog25 said...

Thanks for the codes. The lip gloss is no longer available due to popular demand by the way.My daughter needed PJ's and slippers and her sister will get the other pair. What a deal!

Erin Sullivan said...

Thank you for the codes! Merry Christmas to me! :)

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