Monday, November 05, 2007

Oh boy, it's one of those days.

Both of my van's front tires are flat...Danny had to jack the van up and remove the tires to take them to get fixed.

Brian is at home sick, again. Poor baby. He slept with me last night ( Danny didn't appreciate being kicked out of the bed for a sick 9 yr old! lol!). I know it's just a virus, but I wish I could just snap my fingers and make him better. Anyway, the boy is all over the place when he sleeps. I felt like I was in a bar fight or something. Punches and kicks coming from every where. We woke up in the morning with the covers completely upside down and turned around. I am sore, and tired.

And, here's the big one....Leah (my twin) got a hysterectomy today. We "share" pain. Well, she feels mine more than I do hers (lucky, but when she is not right, I am not right. I am to the point of breakdown worried about her. I just want her to be okay because the world without her would be impossible. I know, drama much? But seriously...please say some prayers for her quick recovery. She has had so many problems lately, and I know this hysterectomy is the best thing for her.... I just can't stand the thought of the pain she will be going through for the next few days and maybe weeks.

Here's the latest picture of us, just a couple of weeks ago. We went shopping together. :)

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