Friday, October 05, 2007

Spookie Ookie wins the big drool award! lol!

Check it out here---

Isn't that cool!!!! ;)

Here's what she said!-----

Yes, it’s another Halloween kit! This one beat out a number of other Halloween kits for a Big Drool. Has this been a big year for ghoulies or what? This one is a must-do because it’s a Scrap Artist collab kit and I’ve been very impressed with those in the past. “Reverie” and “Back 2 School Funky” were terrific kits and this one looks like it’s of similar quality. Heck, look at the list of collaborators: Michelle Underwood, Diane Rigdon, Lauren Reid, Lisa Whitney, Robyn England. So you know there’s some good stuff in here.

There are 25 papers, very yummy and grungy, and some super cute elements including a long set of witches legs that are just a riot. Go check out the previews!

Here’s the shop page for Spookie-Oookie.

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