Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some pictures from today...

The whole gang (minus Nathan -- he was taking the pictures)

The boys and I. Aidan (my nephew...doesn't he look happy?), Brian, Talon, Brett and me!

This is Uncle Walt, Aunt Lynn, Melissa and Matt

My BIL and all the Check out Brett's face.

Leah and I, and our youngest.

Leah and Chandler.

We went to Nashville to meet up with some of our family (Aunt Lynn, Uncle Walter, our cousin Melissa and her boyfriend, Matt). They live in New Jersey, so it has been 10 years since we have seen them! It was so nice to be around them again! Yay! We ate lunch at the Rain Forest cafe, and I spent $30.00 on some plastic toys in the gift shop!

Excuse the pictures...the kids were obviously not in the mood. I am dying at some of the faces they are making in the photos! lol! Good times.
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