Friday, June 01, 2007

Oh my gosh, another design team layout!--Miz Amy Lou

let summer begin

Miz Amy lou's description--

"Wonderful" page kit by Michelle Underwood,
various shadows, Traci Murphy,

JOurnaling reads:
It wasn’t tecnically the kids’ first time
in the water this season but it was mine.
We had been
to the pool a few times, and I
had laid out some...heck I already have tan lines
but last night after dinner the kids were
begging to go down and swim. I thought it
would be a good photo op so I grabbed my camera and
went with them and before I knew it Chad and the kids
were all begging me to go back to the house and get my suit
and I did! We had a great time, just the five of us there
bringing in the summer together, playing Marko Polo and beach ball baseball.

FOnt: Pea Jenny Scrpit

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