Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pro-Sense -Taking the BEST care of our pets.

Our pets are members of our family. We make sure our children take their vitamins, brush their teeth, and take any medicine needed to stay healthy... WHY would it be any different for our pets?

It's hard to know what your pet needs and just where to get it.

PRO-SENSE  has expert information to help your pet stay in the best of health!

We got to review these products--

Glucosamine Moderate Joint Care- 

Promotes bone and joint health in dogs. Your pets may be older and having trouble getting around. Just like humans, they get achy joints too! To make sure they have the best quality of life, it's essential to take care of their joints!

Breath Tabs 

Whose dogs don't need this.....right? lol


Dental Kit

Kit Contents: 1 toothbrush, 1 fingerbrush & 1 tube of toothpaste


Adult Daily Vitamin

This just makes sense. We take vitamins, why shouldn't our pets?
This comes in a tasty chew so you don't have to chase your dog around the house to get him/her to take medicine! lol


 Hot Spot Medicated Spray

It's always good to have this product on hand. You never know when you will need it. I don't know about your dog, but when my dogs get focused on a spot, they will scratch and lick it until it becomes a problem. No one likes their dog being in discomfort. This spray helps to relieve the itching and promote healing.


Allergy Relief Tablets

This is also something we like to keep on hand. With Bostons and French Bulldogs come allergies. It's just one of those things. Sometimes our pups will come in with hives all over their body. Who knows what causes it...but a dose of allergy medicine usually does the trick. (If the allergies continue to be a problem and aren't just isolated incidents it's a good idea to take a trip to the vet.)


There are a couple more products that I think I may add to our pups' medicine basket...

-Let's face it, Bostons and French bulldogs (as well as all other short snout pups) are known for their ability to "Clear the room" (If you know what I mean.) I think this product would help with that problem. :)

There are times that our pets are more stressed. If we have a big crowd of people over, fireworks, thunderstorms, etc. I know our biggest problem with our Pups are thunderstorms. I think this product would keep us all sane if it could calm our pups down during the thunder storms. 

What wouldn't I do for these babies? Aren't they adorable??

**These opinions are my own. I received no money. I did receive free product for the puppies. 

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