Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Layering tanks- Must have!

I have to share this fabulous tank deal with all of you! 

Recently, I purchased one of these tanks in white and I am OBSESSED!

There's a deal on VERY JANE right now!  
You can get a tank for only $9.99!
These are a must have in my wardrobe now! I picked up a few more!

Daily Boutique Deals

One size fits all.... really!!!! 

You can wear it longer, or shorter. 

 Trust me.. You need a few of these!


Libbie said...

I just saw that you have three boys...I just had my fourth so it gives me hope to see you slice and well was a rough day :).

Oh and I love that tank! I am tall so it is hard to find stuff long enough...thanks for the tip!

KC @ genxfinance said...

These tanks are indeed fashionable and inexpensive too. You can accessorize and have fun with them. Thanks for sharing this.

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