Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stinky Dog Problems? Review


You Love The Scents. Nootie....Why Not For Your Dog?

Nootie is a Pet Lifestyle brand inspired by products we use on ourselves, but made for pets. We want your pet to be healthy, happy, and have the best possible hygiene. nootie is endorsed by veterinarians, groomers, and most importantly our customers.

Shampoo, grooming spray, as well as a new handy, dandy bottle that combines the two!

Made in the USA
#1 Ingredient is chicken!

Here's what our Stinky dog got to review--

Titan LOVES these treats. I mean, when he sees the treat bag, he starts doing tricks before we even ask him too! lol. He knows we like to have him stand up and beg, then sit still and pretty...then he gets the treat! He will start the whole routine as soon as this bag comes out. Those treats smell so good. It really smells good enough for me to eat (I promise I haven't,,,lol).

The Warm Vanilla Cookie Shampoo and Daily Spritz smells divine! The shampoo is gentle and doesn't break out Titan's sensitive skin, and he gets REALLY clean. He smells good for days. Once he starts getting a little stinky we spray him with the Spritz. We can spray him daily and I don't worry about spraying him with harsh chemicals! The only downside is that the kids always ask if I am baking cookies when I spray Titan! They are so very disappointed when I tell them that it's the dog! :)



Nootie is definitely Titan approved!

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