Sunday, March 04, 2012

How to shop online and get great deals. Let me show you ;)

It's all about the daily deals sites! 
Seriously, most of these sites already have the products marked down seriously LOW. The catch, it's only for a limited amount of time, and if you don't hop on the wagon and buy something it will sell out. Trust me. I have sat an extra few minutes and totally missed out on a great deal! ;)

Bonus about these sites are that you can refer friends and family and if they sign up and/or buy something.... YOU get credits! I have bought a ton of things with credit!

Here are some of my FAVORITE deal sites-

I just got a $10 cash back in the mail the other day. I always go here first when looking for a deal. They have coupon codes and you get cash back when you purchase something.

Use that link and get a $5 credit to PLUM DISTRICT!
This is probably my favorite site. I have ordered SEVERAL times through this site and have had no problems!!!

Right now they have this deal going on (only for a few more hours)-

 Plum Steal: $12 for $25 Worth of Monogrammed Baby Gifts, Bags, Accessories, and More at Skygrove Personalized Gifts

The site has a ton of great stuff! If you use your $5 credit, it means you can order something that costs $25 at SKYGROVE PERSONAL GIFTS for only $7!!!

Here are a couple favs- Can you imagine just paying $7 for these??


This is my second favorite site! Great stuff everyday. Some of these products sell out fast! It took me 3 different tries to get a Molly Mutt dog bed. It was only $14! I have bought lots of stuff from this site!

The foundry has some deals going on-

This was $119, now only $38!!!!

It's specialized to YOUR area, so you get great coupons for local things! They have restaurant deals, massages, deals for hair salon services.

Fabulous deals catered to Moms, kids and Babies. LOVE IT!
They have TONS of stuff!

Like this-- $135 marked down to $32.99

or this-- $38 marked down to $18.99

Some seriously cute stuff going on here!!!!

Charging station- $50 marked down to $19.50!

Initial Cozy for only $3.50!!!! HELP ME RHONDA!

Men and women will enjoy this site! Tons of new stuff daily!

Necklace- $72... now $18!!!

$19.50 for a personalized Tote!

$3.50 for these cute earrings!

Great deals on this one too. I don't think it has referrals, though.

Just signed up for this.
Looks like it's not started up yet, but they are letting people sign up. Here's what they say---

Creative Market is a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mousemade design content. We have a simple, but important mission: to make beautiful design simple & accessible to everyone.


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