Sunday, June 27, 2010

**CLOSED**Kiki Kreations GIVEAWAY!!!

"Welcome to my shop!! I love making and wearing these stylish beaded watch bands!! They are interchangeable, so you really only need one face, and you can change your watch bands to match your moods!"

 I love the fact that all the watch faces and bands are interchangeable!

Pick a watch face like these---

--and then pick your bands!!

Kiki's Kreations 37 also have several watches already paired up.

Kiki's Kreations 37 generously let me review the  

Here's some pictures I took of the watch. It's so fabulous!
I am going to have to get some more watch bands so I can wear it with every outfit! lol 

Here's a little interesting info about Jen-
Bio: I am a stay at home mom of 7 (yes 7!!) awesome kids! I have 5 girls,and 2 boys. My girls inspire me and I love making things for them! (I named this ETSY store after one of my girls!!) I saw someone wearing one of these "CHUNKY" Beaded watch bands, and I immediately fell in LOVE!! I had to make myself some!! After making myself several, I repeatedly received compliments from friends and family, AND complete strangers! So I thought I would try my hand in the ETSY selling world! This is something that I really love doing, and I Love all the different color combination's that can be done! I hope that you'll find something that you "just love" too!!
Kiki's Kreations 37 is  giving away
one watch to the winner. (Watch face and band.)
**ENDS July  11 at midnight**
BONUS-- Mention "This Crazy Life GIVEAWAY" when you buy
from Kiki's Kreations and get 20% off your order! (only valid during this
First entry- (MANDATORY) Go to Kiki's Kreations 37
and tell me what your favorite items are! 
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)
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