Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So, what's your plan for the new year?

I try not to get into the whole craze of "New year resolutions"...but, I do like the idea of having a plan of some sort that I want to accomplish for the new year.

This year I hope to--
*Take more time with the kids/family/friends
*Manage my time better
*Get organized
*Manage my business better

Most of those go hand in hand. Basically, I need to get organized and plan my day/week better.

I hope to spend more time blogging about things that I love. I blog hop a lot and I come across some great things. I hope to start some posts that highlight some of the things that catch my eye in the world wide web.

Let's start today.
I stumbled across a blog post at Kind over matter (fun, fun blog)
that may help us all get a little organized! ;)

Here's the post-

Free Printable Goals & Resolutions Guides!

starting from the upper lefthand corner & working our way around clockwise:

Goal List Form -by Buttoned Up
Yearly Goals & Blog Brainstorm -by Ahhh-Design
2010 Calendar & Resolution Download -by Benign Objects
Resolution Lists -by Up Up, The Blog


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mean mom productions said...

love it. definitely need help in that..

Anonymous said...


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Free Pretty Things For You said...

wow i Love your work! i wish i was super computer savvy!!
Love it!
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Ann On and On... said...

Fun link.... thanks! Getting organized is always a challenge!

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