Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodwill hunting- lol

 My twin, Leah, and I. Both of us are decked out in some goodwill finds. Let me break down the outfits for you.

Shoes-  Ann Taylor loft - $3.00
Shirt-  Madison- $2.50
Jacket- Larry Levine- $6.99
Purse- Nine West- $9.99
Pants- Paper denim and cloth- $3.00

About $25.00 from head to toe. All from Goodwill!

Shoes- Guess- $3.00
Shirt- Pout- $2.50
Jacket- At last- $2.50
Pants- $3.00
Purse not from Goodwill

Total around 11.00. Woot!


Check out these shoes! Love them!
Oh, I need to post the new Steve Madden shoes I got yesterday for only $3.00! They are turquoise! Love them too!

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