Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have I told you about my obsession....

....with Goodwill? Seriously, my husband and I have become professional goodwill shoppers! Who would have ever thought that they had great things there!? I am thinking of taking pictures of my complete outfits that I get while shopping at only Goodwill...then posting the total cost. You would be so impressed with my frugal self. lol.

I found my Christmas outfit. It's a Gap shirt dress (Black) and some Guess high heel shoes (red). It's super cute. The dress was $4.00 and the shoes were $3.00. We are on the look out for a fab red purse, and a black tench coat to go with. ;)

Here's an outfit that I wore the other night...EVERYTHING was from Goodwill (except the panties, bra and undershirt. Those are things I don't buy used. lol) BTW, the tag was still on the shirt...It was never worn.

The jacket was $9.99, the shirt was $2.00 (Old Navy), the jeans were $3.00 (Gap), the shoes were $3.00. Under $20.00. ;)

Oh, if you look in my entertainment tower you will see the white vases I got for .50 a piece, as well as that frame on top that was only $1. I spray painted it black. Perfect. Oh, I almost forgot, the clear glass vase right next to the frame was also bought at Goodwill for .50. It was a set of two and I put beans in it to go with my fall decor. lol

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