Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Check out these adorable twins!

Ok, so this is my twin and I (Oh, and Mom...she's holding us). lol. Is this photo considered vintage? Ugh. lol. I didn't want to doctor it up, I wanted to show it in all it's glory!
What's fun is that I have never seen this picture before....a member of our family sent Mom some old pictures. Don't you just love seeing old pictures that you didn't know existed?
I am the one on the right......the smaller one. Apparently Leah had been stealing my bottle and apparently I was so hungry that I was trying to eat her arm. (I am totally kidding...although she DID steal my bottle. That's a true story)

Look at us here! lol. This was taken on an Air force base in Tucson, Arizona. I guess around 1979. What's funny about this is that Grandma G came to visit us...and got lost while taking us on a walk. lol. She took this picture while we were wandering around trying to find our way back home. All the houses looked the same. lol. Mom finally found us.

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