Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another round of "Look what I won!"

Ok, anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am addicted to entering contests and giveaways! lol. Let me show you what I have won lately!

Pirates Booty

(this is not my picture...but this is exactly what it would have looked like if I would have remembered to take an actual pic! lol)

It came with caramel, veggie, salt and vinegar, onion, barbecue, and white cheddar. I tried all but the onion. They were all fantastic! It was a perfect light snack. I think the caramel was my favorite!

Sweet Beauty prize pack-

Okay, this was for babies...but I like to baby my skin! lol! This stuff smells like tootsie rolls! Seriously! The lotion is perfect! It moisturizes without leaving a oily mess. It also came with baby oil (which is sent from heaven...I put it on after my bath) and baby balm. I put the balm on my hands where I have some irritated skin and I swear to you...this stuff soothes it. Love it!

Momi Boutique $50.00 gift certificate-

(this pic was on the website...isn't the litle girl wearing it an absolute doll!?)

I haven't received this yet. I am so anxious to get it!
Since I don't have any little girls (and the boys won't wear dresses)...I decided that I would give this dress to one of my good friends daughter. She will be a little doll in it!

Monkey Table lamp (don't hate)
BTW- This lamp is going to my twin sister. It totally rocks her world and who am I to judge. lol! Plus, I may or may not have owned one similar to this before....and I may or may not have given all my "jungle themed" stuff to my sister. I will neither confirm nor deny. We all go thru decorating phases, right?

Skinny Dip Candle Pamper Pack

This came with a Skinny candle, lip balm and bath salts. I ordered the chapstick in Rootbeer flavor. The boys love it! The bath salts and candle were scented with "Wedding cake scent". It smells sooo good! AND here is what is exciting..... You can actually burn the candle and use the wax on your self. It is like a super rich lotion. It made my hands super soft.

Fruitables Dog Treats

Haven't received this yet, but I will let you know what the dogs think of them once they get here!

Custom platter from Fancy Schmancy designs

I love this plate. Right now it is sitting on my coffee table while I figure out where to put it! ;)

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