Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our cody cat is going to a better place tomorrow..

I won't draw this out...it makes me so sick to my stomach to think about it, but tomorrow I have to put our big kitty to sleep. He's 11 years old. He's huge, and he was the best cat we ever had.

He got outside last week and a Tom cat bit him in the neck. The wound got terribly infected and I took him in today and the vet lanced it, and gave him some antibiotics. They say we will probably have to come back in and have a tube put into the wound so it can drain better. He is in pain. He isn't our Cody bear. He is clearly in distress and I can't make him go through any more pain. We are suppose to take a cotton ball and massage his VERY SORE neck to get the infection to drain out. He is not having it, he is too old, it hurts too bad. On top of that he needs to have surgery to remove some teeth that are in really poor condition, he needs to have this done immediately after he heals from his neck wound (if he heals). He will have to be put under and they aren't sure he will survive the surgery.

I talked to the family and we agreed to go ahead and let him go to a better place. I know some of you may not agree with this, but it really is what we feel is best.

My son, Brian took it the hardest. He has cried all afternoon. He took a nap with Cody in our bed (Cody has pretty much just been laying there). I brushed him, and we all gave him love. Danny and I also laid down with him in the bed for a while, just soaking up some Cody love.

We will bury him at my Mom's house.

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