Friday, December 07, 2007

He should get an award for this....

Ah, I knew it would happen...I knew one day, one of my children would go down in school history for something big. Brian, my 9 year old, my sweet red-haired boy is now responsible for the ban on hand held pencil sharpeners at his school. Yes sir...because of him, there is now a SCHOOL WIDE BAN on the hand held sharpeners!

Let me tell you the story....

I get a call from the nurse at school. There is a message on my voice mail, it is vague (and I have bad reception) but I hear some key words.....Brian, injured, blood, pencil her back.
Ok, panic mode. I am trying to put two and two together, and I gather that somehow he cut himself on a pencil sharpener????? Wha????
So, I call her back. Apparently, he somehow cut himself on the blade of the pencil sharpener, and she thinks that butterfly stitches will hold it closed, but there is a lot of bleeding, and if he needs stitches she will call me back. Great.

I get to school to pick him up. Apparently he didn't need stitches. The principal knocks on my window and she is NOT happy. She informs me that Brian has a note for me. {FABULOUS}

Brian is horrified...and embarrassed. By this point, there was really no need in me ragging on him about it. He already learned his lesson.

I get the note out and read it. They made him write the note to me. I don't remember the note word for word ( I wanted to frame it, but I had to sign it and send it back to school- Dang it!)....
Here's the jest of it-

Dear Mom and Danny,
I am sorry for cutting my finger. I cut my finger because I took apart a pencil sharpener and was playing with it.


Ok, the sincerely part seriously cracked me up. Brian said that they made him write that he was playing with the blade....He claims that the pencil sharpener was coming apart and wasn't sharpening his pencil so he took the blade out and preceded to sharpen his pencil with just the blade. That is where he made his first mistake. His second mistake, apparently, was showing another kid how to do it...and that kid nicked her finger too (just a scratch). Great.

His teacher called me later and said that Brian would have sat there in class and bled to death if it were up to him! lol. He totally hid his bleeding finger in his shirt. The only way she found out was when she called him to the board to do a math problem. He had his hand wadded up in his shirt, and there was blood all over his pants. She felt terrible because she had joked before, " I want everyone to be quiet, I don't care if you are bleeding...." <-----You know the saying. It is just a saying, but Brian took it literally. He was going to sit there and quietly bleed. (My poor baby) She informed me that Brian was banned from ever bringing a sharpener to school again (ok, understandable) and that they were seriously considering banning the whole school because of it. {Great}

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I pick up the boys from school. Brett is irritated and says to Brian, "Thanks a lot!!!! Our teacher confiscated all of the pencil sharpeners in the class. We can't sharpen our own pencils anymore!!!! They BANNED us from having pencil sharpeners now, thanks to Brian."

I say, "Well, I don't know if it is totally Brian's fault. Maybe they actually have problems with children taking apart the pencils sharpeners and cutting themselves."

Brett says, "No, the teacher said that because some red-haired boy in 4th grade cut his finger with the blade of a pencil sharpener, we can no longer have them in school because they are dangerous."

I say, "What! She said that? She said some red-haired boy????????"

Brett giggles and says, "No, I added the red-haired boy part."

lol. Funny, my son is a comedian. I was about to bust up on some teacher for hair color discrimination. lol.

Anyway. So, the school rules have forever been changed because of my son. Is it wrong of me to be strangely proud of him? (I would never tell him!)

When the new school supply lists come out next fall, the pencil sharpener will be omitted. (and I will secretly snicker to


faithful said...

Crack me up!! Very impressive son to be so obedient to what the teacher had told him on staying quiet. Also sad that the admin. overreacted like they have never heard this type of boy antic before.

Make sure and tell Brian that he has just saved parents a ton of back-to-school spending when considering the number of students school-wide.

Heather aka MuddyPawPrints said...

The back to school supply lists will continue to get shorter and shorter with school admins over reacting to everything. Geez. I stabbed myself with my pencil in school so deep that I had to walk to the nurse's office with it sticking out of my leg. I still have the lead point in my leg to this day. Could you imagine our children not using pencils anymore? I also was sucking so hard on the back of a pen in Jr High once that I didn't realize it but the ink let go and I started to taste something funny. I had blue ink all over my face and clothes. I was so embarrassed. I was in seventh grade and had to go around school with a blue face and mouth all day long.... geez! I had almost poisoned myself! Yeah.... kids will be kids.... it is the adults that go crazy! LOL!

DixieDoesPSP said...

Oh my goodness Michelle that is so funny!! This totally sounds like something one of my sons would do LOL My eldest son in kindergarten was suspended for locking the teacher out of the classroom, then again for ditching school to hunt for lady bugs on the school grounds. My youngest had a note sent home just a couple days agin for putting a booger in a little girls hair. EWWWWWWW But how can you not laugh about the antics of boys??? Glad he is okay and you can see the somewhat humorous side of this.

Shanz said...

Fantastic writing of your son. The only thing this reminded me of was, well, me! I was sharpening my eldest daughter's pencil one afternoon and the blade came loose. I then tried to tighten the blade via the small screw, and proceeded to sharpen her pencil again. That's when the ENTIRE sharpener BROKE into three pieces, allowing me the agony of slicing across my knuckle. Oh... on another occasion, I was pushing the pencil into the sharpener so hard that the pencil gave way and I stabbed my hand... how??? I'm really not sure... but like my daughter says (She is 16 now) "If it isn't dangerous, give it to mom, she'll make it dangerous." I'm still not sure what she means by that, but I am a clutz!!!

Hope your son recovering from his wound... and I loved your blog about it! And your scrap kits are brilliant too...


a84martin said...

that is the greatest story! (besides your son getting hurt) school legacy!

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