Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some pictures.....

These pictures are from when my brother and his wife (and 4 kids) came in to visit. We had such a good time. Do you know I didn't bring my dang camera the WHOLE TIME!!! They were in for almost a week. I forgot it every time I left the house! lol! (What good am I!!!!) Luckily Nicole took lots of pictures! ;)

This picture cracks me can see Chandler crying...and Talon in mid flight. He was on his way to!

Hannah banana! Isn't she a doll!!!

My cousin Christy..and Hannah

lol! Notice the way the water gun is pointed! lol! He kept spraying himself! He couldn't figure it out!

Beautiful Mikaela!

There's Kyle!!!

Eating...looking like a bunch of wet dogs!

Chris and Hannah. Isn't she so cute in her two piece? lol!

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