Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can I get sappy for a moment?

I was sitting here thinking (SHOCKER!), and I wonder if my customers know just how honored I am to have any of my products included in their scrapbooks. I can't tell you just how it makes me feel that I am a little part of your history. When your kids and family are older and they look back at all the beautiful pages and all those memories...I will be part of that in a little way. It gives me shivers. I am trying to put it into words...I hope I can convey what it is I am feeling.

I love getting emails from customers showing me what they have done with my products. I just get so overwhelmed with emotion sometimes to know that "my" stuff is being used in such a special way. I don't feel worthy sometimes. Sometimes I feel as if I know my customers and it seems surreal that I can have a conversation with someone in Australia, or California...or anywhere in the world. Wow. I am such a small town just seems unreal to me.

Ok, end of that. I just wanted to say that. ;)
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