Friday, April 20, 2007

New design team layouts!!!

This is from my newest chick- Dixi!!! She is already knocking my socks off!!! WOW!


Here's her description----

Most elements and papers from Michelle Underwood's kit Happy Go Lucky available at Scrapbook Bytes

Hipster Plumes by Anna Aspnes
Quote freebie from Designer Digitals
Stitches by Syrin
Fabric tab and Ledger brushes by Katie Pertiet
Quirky Stitches by Jackie Eckles
Riveted Ribbon by Natalie Braxton
Cardboard tear by Linda GB
Realistic photo frame by Nancy Comelab
Schmootzy frames by Nancy Rowe Janitz

Fonts are CK Taliatype and CK TrueType available at scrapNfonts

DSP Pollyanna and Susies Hand

Various Traci Murphy drop shadows

Mommy's Bed

Here's what Lindsay wrote-

Parker loves to creep into our bed in the early morning hours and snuggles up to sleep with me.

Digital kit: Anxious from Michelle Underwood at A Cherry on Top
Alpha: A Little Dirt Never Hurt from Tia Bennett (previously at Designer Digitals)
Font: Black Boys on Mopeds

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