Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mama's got a new

Yes, finally....I have a new ride.
I got a Nissan Quest. I am so excited. I actually picked it up in Nashville last Friday, but I have been too busy to blog about it. (crazy, I know!)
Any hoo. Let me tell you about it. It is silver. It has the button you push to open the sliding door and the back hatch. It has a DVD player. It beeps when I am about to back into! It has more to offer...but those are my favs. I am so excited!
Here are some pictures. These are not "my" pictures, just pictures of what my van looks like. BUT, don't worry......I will be posting some pictures of me laying across the hood in a few days (totally kidding! lol!), but ya know I am going to have to do a layout about the new ride! lol!

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