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Pajamas 4 Love Project!! 75 Designers 1 great cause

What is Pajamas 4 Love, you ask? It a kit created by 75 of the most generous, kind hearted, giving designers in the industry. These designers are the heart and sole of this community giving of their time and talent to bring you these 200 pages, 363 elements, tagbooks, quickpages, templates, fonts and mini albums. This GINORMOUS kit has been broken into four smaller kits for your downloading pleasure as well as the full collection at a discount. If you are on dial up we offer you the collection on your choice of CD or DVD. Each individual kit is $5, the whole collection for download is $15 adn the CD/DVD option is $21.

You can find this kit at Elemental Scraps

Sample LO done with pieces of "Courage"

It seems that in the digital community we are looking into the eyes of a child with cancer far to often. Most of the time youll be browsing a gallery and notice a once healthy child now losing their hair or in a hospital bed with IV's. This is exactly what happened when I stumbled across Katherine Lent's LO's of her gorgeous daughter Corinne. Corinnes once beautiful locks were being replace by smooth skin and my heart broke into a million pieces. I immediately went to read her blog and what I found was a child, no older then one of my own, having just turned three, that was fighting for her life. I also found a woman that in the face of all this sadness, stress, fear and frustration wanted more for others than she did herself. Over and over I read where she said how important blood donation was and how much her baby girl could just use some care packages. I went to her and asked if we could help, that we had an idea for a project of sorts and wanted her permission to do it and she agreed. Out of this conversation pj's4love was born.

PJ's mission is three fold. First, we want to sell this HUGE kit to raise money to send gifts of love, little angel baskets to each of the kids we watch grow up in LO's and whose blogs we are drawn to hour by hour. Ethan, Corinne, Asher and Mason will be the first recipients of our loev packages. We also will be doing this for each of the 11 beds in Stonybrook Hospitals Pediatric Hem/Onc Unit. Each care package will contain a really comfy pair of pajamas that will be so full fo love that when warn will hopefully help the kids to feel wrapped in our love every minute. If the kit raises enough money we want to include other little goodies that kids love to get, the kinds of things that boost their spirits and make them happy, even if just for moments at a time.

Second, all the remaining money will be used to help buy new toys, books, coloring books, crayons, batteries and goodies for the playroom at Stoneybrook. This is on request of Katherine herself, as she says the playroom is in desperate need of a little love and care. They dont even have a volunteer to staff the playroom, that is more like a broom closet, and the toys are run down and in poor condition. The 50+ kids that call Stoneybrook home while they fight cancer and have chemo treatments need a place that shines a little sunshine in their lives. If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact me at joedee AT elementalscraps DOT com and I will put you in touch with the approprite people.

Third and yet ANOTHER one of Katherine's requests, we will be having the digital scrapbooking communities first EVER online blood drive. We are asking that each of you go to your local blood bank or collection facility and donate blood. These kids need blood transfusion at times to stay alive and its one small thing we can do to make a difference in the world. For your donation, you will receive a coupon book, chock full of the most generous coupons from some of the best designers in the industry. We also have a GREAT gift for the very first person to donate and bring back proof (pictures time stamped of you donating or a reciept of some sort). Shannon, owner of DST, has graciously given us ONE DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP to give to the lucky first prooven donator. HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!

I know that its Christmas time and things are tight for everyone. I know that most of use lead very busy lives with children of our own, but this is our chance. Our chance to show love to some wonderful kids who have been dealt a bad hand. To show them that people love them, care about them, think about them and pray for them frequently. Help us to help make them smile and give them the knowloedge that no matter what happens we love and care about them and will do our best to make life a little sweeter for them, each and every one.

(every recipient of gifts and money has provided the necassary proof that elemental scraps and the designer who signe don can certify them. if you would like more information on the children receiving these gifts please visit their blogs or contact me for more diagnostic and treatment information.)

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